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ria holding her paintingA beautiful painting of a leprechaun with his pot of gold standing under a rainbow with a whimsical sun (smiling) in the upper left corner and heart-shaped cloud in the right corner. This young artist has mixed colors and completely painted this work on her own.


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Note From Mama

So, I continue to feel that we should not set up shop on the side of the road.  But we continue to be very busy and still trying to figure out ways for the girls to open up “shop” at home.  They are so excited and even anxious to have a business and run it!

We continue to be available for baked goods orders.  Ria is especially good at cookies.  She’s learning how to make bread, pie crust and all other baked confections.

The rabbit business has had its first step forward.  This is particularly nice since we’ve suffered losses through the winter.  We lost 2 females to predation.  😦  This was especially upsetting for the girls.  This is sort of one of the reasons we want to do this, though… so that out children will experience death in its many forms so that when it hits “closer to home” in family or friends, it will be more familiar and less traumatic.  Still, it’s upsetting to lose ground in business efforts!

Our first litter of kits was 6 large.  We are all very happy about it and excited to learn as we go!  The girls love holding the babies and we all think they are very cute.  If you’d like to be a bunny owner, let us know.  You can write to gollygangbusiness(at)yahoo(dot)com.

We hope you are well and happy and that things are going smoothly in your life!


The Golly Gang

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My girls have been pleading with me to let them do their stand some more.  After discussion, they’ve decided to rename it “The Yummy Stand” because we ran out of sour oranges.  And now that the oranges on that “sour orange” tree are ripening, they are SWEET!  HA!  We like to think that the tree is so happy we’re using it’s fruits that it’s gone sweet.  Sort of like when someone is sad and they try to cover it up by being mad… and then someone else is nice to them and listens for a little while… the previously angry person is a lot kinder and happier.  I’m sure you’ve known someone like that!  Well, we just happen to have an orange tree doing something similar!  Too funny, right!?

I did begin to feel some small nigglings and discomfort with being on the side of the road.  The girls did amazingly well with it.  But the baby, and now he’s VERY mobile, may not do so well.  What to do!?

Well, I’ve told the girls they can still sell what they make… but do it person by person and hope for good word-of-mouth advertising.  They still very much want to run their Yummy Stand… and even desire to sell hot cocoa, but I just don’t know if we will right now.

However, if anyone would like to buy some goodies from them… or a painting… or a homemade Christmas ornament… let us know in the comments or at their business email: gollygangbusiness(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Ria is quite the baker and makes peanut butter cookies, cake mix cookies (all kinds of flavors), and snicker doodles with no help (except for with the oven).  If you have a desire for something else, just let her know and she’ll have some help from me to make it.  The, all three, love to make ornaments (usually sculpted out of oven baked clay called Sculpy) and then painted and sealed.  They all LOVE to paint, too!  Send a note and share what you’re interested in and we’ll figure out how much that’d run and see if that would work for you.  I know my girls hope to hear from you!

Thank you, in advance, for supporting and encouraging their entreprenurial spirits!

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We’ve been rained out.  It’s raining hard with lightning and thunder where we were going to set up….  We’d still do it with rain, but the lightning is the reason we’ll miss the fun today.  I’d considered doing a morning thing today… guess we should’ve.  SORRY!!!

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RIA says

Today we’re going to do our Orange-ade Stand on Grand, South of where we were last time from about 3-6pm.  We’re going to be selling some bread, cookies, and muffins.  The muffins are banana sour dough with peanut butter.  YUM!

Last time we did our Orange-ade Stand we only got one repeat customer.  His name was Mr. Hines.  I really like doing our Orange-ade Stands because I get to make the orange-ade and do extra baking classes and preparing things for our Orange-ade Stand is almost doing Math.  I don’t know why, but I don’t like Math, but when I do baking class and make orange-ade, I like doing THAT Math!  I have no idea why.

The reason why I liked last time we did our Orange-ade Stand is because we made good money and we got a lot of good tips.  With our money we’ve already gotten our rabbits.  We’ve started with a black one, which is a boy and has a lot of hair behind his ears (he’s some sort of lionhead mix).  And the other two is one reddish and one is white and they are both girls (and they are rex/mini-rex).  Do you want to hear our rabbits names?  The boy one is Wood Chips.  The white one is Pinky, because she has Pink eyes (she’s a REW), and the reddish one we call Garnet because garnets are red.

KAT says

We are going to have a fun time at our Orange-ade Stand today.  And today we’re going to sell cookies, bread and muffins and orange-ade, of course.  And I think we’re going to have the girl who haved a daughter (Lori and Laura).  That’s all that I want to say.

DO YOU WANT TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT LAST TIME?  Oh, okay.  Last time we selled cookies and bread, muffins and orange-ade.  And Ria and I gave out the business cards.  And Ria gave the orange-ade and if people wanted to get cookies, then Ria gives the cookies.  That’s all that I want to say.

TEA says

Buy some bread, some cupcakes, some, um, muffins and peanut butter muffins and some orange-ade.  Cookies and muffins.  Dat all.

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If I’d had the girls dictating to me as I type, as per the regular routine when they SAY something, I would not have forgotten some of our repeat customers.  I wanted to make sure you knew you were valued!  A girl called Sam, we hope you are well!  We enjoy seeing you each time you come!  Gramy and Grampy Marks, Bro. and Sis. Collins (I almost wrote Colliers!!!), and Ms. Chelsea are those I remembered that I forgot last time.  I’m SORRY I forgot you while I wrote!  The girls have not forgotten you and neither have I… but my memory is pretty hit or miss at times (though getting much better as Jimmy gets older).

We hope you are ALL well and look forward to seeing you again and again and again!  ^_^


Mr. Stacy, we have that recipe ready.  Just waiting to see you again!

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We managed to forget to let you know where we’d be next time.  The girls realized it yesterday and have reminded me a few times that we needed to post about it.  SO…  We’ll be at Grand and Mud Lake again.  They are looking forward to meeting anyone that comes, but especially hopeful for repeat customers.  ^_^  (Mr. Stacy, Mr. Steven, Mr. Lee, Ms. Alena, Mr. Gale, Mr. Bill, and of course, we always love seeing our neighbors at the Stand, too!)  The girls talk about each of you at random times between “work” days.  It’s just wonderful!  ^_^  Thank you for supporting their efforts and encouraging them by dropping by!